Guangzhou Ming Road Textile Co., Ltd., we do every customer to provide the best products and services for customers, with the heart to develop and provide the highest cost performance cowboy fabric. Professional business, technology, production team, always provide you with quality service.

Ming Road textile will start from every step, introduce the production equipment of each link, and realize the production line from spinning, winding, pulling, dyeing, weaving, finishing, deep processing and so on. The company has a capacity of 20 million yards a year.

The Ming Road cowboy is committed to doing a good job of environmental protection. We have a sewage treatment system with a capacity of up to 7500 tons, with a recycling rate of 70%. Our company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of sustainable development.

We provide customized special fabric to meet the needs of different customers. We explore and explore the market trend together with our customers, and start from the fabric, style, version and wash water to solve the difficult design for the market and our customers. We not only produce fabrics, but we regard cowboys as a culture of clothing.

Ming Road cowboy, washroom and washing water plant is a professional sample development team. Continuous innovation, the development of traditional washing water.

Garment factory, we have a professional workshop production team, a total of 38 hanging clothes system, 100 washing machines, annual output of 8 million.

Ming Road cowboy carries out double detection of artificial and electronic materials from raw material, embryo cloth to finished cloth, and strictly controls the quality.